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RCTM Cover Spread_FinalWelcome to the Rock Climber’s Training Manual.com!

The Rock Climber’s Training Manual is an all-new, comprehensive guide to continuous climbing improvement. On this site, we’ll provide expanded multi-media content that enhances the book. This is also a venue for you to participate in the conversation by offering questions, suggestions, testimonials and by providing your own content.

The Rock Climber’s Training Manual describes a training method that has become known as “The Rock Prodigy Method”. This method was originally developed by Mike Anderson in the late 1990s, based on Udo Neumann and Dale Goddard’s book Performance Rock Climbing and Petro and Yaniro’s training video Fingers of Steel. Since that time, the program has evolved substantially to incorporate advances in sport science, personal experimentation, years of experience, and to broaden the applicability to climbers in different stages of development.

The Rock Prodigy training method is a form of periodization —- a strategy for physical training in which exercises are carefully varied to avoid plateaus and create synergies that result in a performance peak at a predictable time. Climbing requires diverse fitness. For example, power to execute extremely difficult single moves, along with endurance to sustain such moves. Through careful timing, the periodization of the Rock Prodigy method enables climbers to simultaneously develop a high level of each aspect of fitness. The combined effect is the performance peak: a temporary, but significant boost in climbing fitness that will enable the climber to attain never-before-seen levels of performance (read more on the Building a Training Plan page).

The Rock Climber’s Training Manual and RCTM.com are about more than just training. While preparation is essential, climbing is a performance sport. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you achieve improved performance on the rock. These resources will help you learn how to select inspiring goals, how to tailor your preparation accordingly, and how to maximize your performance on the sharp end, so you can make your climbing dreams a reality.  For more information about the Rock Prodigy Training Program, download this free PDF: Introduction to the Rock Prodigy Program PDF.

Get started today on your own personal path to continuous climbing improvement by using the drop-down menus to navigate through the site, as shown here:
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These topics reflect those presented in the book, but each page on the site contains several additional articles on training for climbing that are related to that topic. An index of all of the site’s articles can be found on the Articles page.








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14 thoughts on “Home

  1. hey i am from India, will the book be available to flipkart or will there be any possibilities to purchase an e book copy

    • Korak,

      International distribution is still in-work, so I don;t know where it will be available yet. Wehn we have information on international distribution we will post an announcement. At this time there is no plan to create an e-book.


  2. Hi Mark,
    I just received your training book and I’m starting to put together my plan for the year. I have climbed probably 10 or so 12a/b’s in the past two years but decided to ski rather than train for climbing this winter. Now I’m struggling on easy 5.11. When picking appropriate workouts (hangboard, etc) would you advise going for the beginner workouts or intermediate first? Or starting w the beginner workouts and then transitioning to intermediate?
    Thanks so much, I’m excited to get started!

    • Leslie,

      It sounds like you are probably ready for the Intermediate Hangboard workout. As for the other routines, it really depends on your experience level with those exercises. If you’ve never campused before, start with the Beginner routine and stick with it until you can do all the exercises, then transition to the Intermediate routine.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Just recieved your book here in the uk and havent had the chance to get round to fully reading it but from what i have scanned it looks very helpful not only for my own climbing but helping with my personal coachin of other climbers.
    Also would like to say thanks for the note inside it was a nice touch.

    My question is i dont really have a suitable place to hang my fingerboard due to not owning my own house and my climbing wall doesnt have one in place, what is the best way to be able to set one up?

    thanks again for a great manual


    • Thanks Martyn! Check out our blog post “How’s Your Hang” for some ideas on temporary hangboard installations. There’s also a company called “Blankslate” that sells a removable hangboard mount. Good luck,

  4. Hey guys the book is great! I am just about to dive into the training with a bouldering specific calendar, and was just wondering if outdoor mileage would just be suplemented with more ARC training because I don’t have any outdoor climbing near me. So all my outdoor climbing are trips.

  5. Hello,
    I’d like to get a copy of your book, but living in Germany (right in the middle of the frankenjura😜), the shipping costs are pretty high. Is it possible to get your book as an eBook, or do you know a shop in europe that sells it online?
    Cheers, Steffen

    • There is no e-Book. I’m told there is a gym in the Netherlands that will ship the book. If you search around our forum you can find the details. Also Amazon.UK has copies occasionally.

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