Mark Anderson

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I’m an “all-around” climber, having climbed on four continents, established numerous first ascents, freed El Cap, summited Denali, red-pointed 5.14c and on-sighted 5.13b. Recently I’ve focused on difficult sport routes, boulder problems and single-pitch trad lines. I’m enthralled by the complexity of our pastime, and obsessed with unlocking new ways to overcome the physical and technical challenges it presents. I love contemplating, developing & testing new methods of training for rock climbing. I enjoy helping other climbers unlock their physical potential by providing comprehensive training advice and tailored one-on-one coaching.

My wife Kate and I have two children, Logan, who will turn 3 in January 2014, and Amelie, born in the summer of 2013.  As a “weekend warrior” I face many of the same obstacles as most regular Joes, and I hope that my success can help fellow climbers aspire to new heights. 

I live in the beautiful mountain town of Evergreen, CO, and I frequent many of the Colorado Front Range crags. My favorite crags to travel to are Rifle, Sinks Canyon, Wild Iris, Smith Rock, and the Red River Gorge, and I typically visit these crags several times each year. I enjoy establishing new routes of all styles, and in the last few years I’ve put a lot of my energy into developing cutting edge sport routes at some of my favorite crags.

The purpose of this endeavor is to share some of the inspiration and knowledge that’s made me successful. If there’s anything you would like to know, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy climbing,

Mark Anderson


5 thoughts on “Mark Anderson

  1. Mark and I got to climb together a lot around 2002-2004 it was an inspiration learning from him and climbing with him. Now that he has written a book I can’t think of a better instructor to teach people how to become strong climbers. His methodology has always amazed me and I can not wait to read what he has put down in his book.


  2. Bought this awesome book a few months ago wanting to get back to weekend warrior mode after 2 kids (5 years old and 3 years old). Climbing has been erratic since the kids and decided i needed a more structured approach to climbing at previous levels (or higher). To be honest, most of the exercises (may be all) in the book I have seen or read about somewhere else. What this book does beautifully, is bring them all together (with some background info). But what i loved the most is the weight management section and to see that it is possible through discipline with what you eat (i knew it was possible but reading about it and seeing results in others was hugely motivating for me). I’m just finishing my first training plan (used one provided in the book with some modifications due to ability and time) and am very happy to say that I am approaching the 5.13 level after a long 6 year hiatus. Great job on the book and making one climbing family very happy.


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