Free Downloads

The Rock Climber’s Training Manual is now available order yours here!

  • Introduction to the Rock Prodigy Training Program–this 20-slide presentation gives a brief overview of the Rock Prodigy Program:

Introduction to the Rock Prodigy Program PDF

  • Free Topos:

Gaudi Wall Topo

Super Slab Topo

  • Editable Training Calenders for Microsoft Excel — use this to plan and record your training activities:



2016 Training Calendar





Blank 2014 Training Calendar

  • Editable Rock Prodigy Training Center grip identification chart for Microsoft Powerpoint:

RPTC Hold Identification Charts

RPTC Grip Identification Chart

  • Forge Grip Identification Chart (click for full size version):

Forge Grip Identification Chart

  • Example hangboard log (actual data from Mark’s 2008 Fall Strength Phase):

2008 c Fall HB

If you have any questions or comments on Free Downloads, please share them on the RCTM Forum.  We will try to respond as soon as possible.


33 thoughts on “Free Downloads

  1. He guys,

    Can you send me an picture or pdf of the cover of your book for a review in the magazine of the Royal Dutch Mountaineering Club NKBV?

    (It’s a possitive review, your reviewer got a 4th place at the Dutch national championship out of the blue after following the program)


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  3. Mark,
    Had some great gains just dabbling with your Prodigy hangboard this year. Looking forward to creating a structure schedule for next year and getting even stronger. May I request a 2017 Calendar when you have the time?
    Kind Regards,


  4. Thank you for making these available!! So glad I found this before I started making one.
    Thank you again sir, happy climbing! 🙂


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