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The Rock Climber’s Training Manual is now available order yours here!

The Rock Climber’s Training Manual website is the work of twin brothers, Mike and Mark Anderson. Read more about them here:




This website and The Rock Climber’s Training Manual were not created in a vacuum….

We received tremendous assistance throughout this project, and would like to thank the following contributors: Our publisher, Jason Haas, believed in us early on, and turned our words into a book. Matt Samet edited the text and ensured it would be a consistent, readable product. Renowned climbing coach and trainer, Steve “the Chosen One” Bechtel, provided frequent technical advice, and over the years, has challenged our ideas on training, helping us refine our methods and understanding. Heather Wales-Gomez and Will Strickland provided source material and insightful feedback. We are also grateful to the many folks who took the time to review the text and provide invaluable feedback, including Jonathan Siegrist, Ryan Palo, Lamont Smith, Kris Hampton, Paige Claasen, and Tommy Caldwell.
We are forever indebted to the talented Andrew Burr, Brendan Nicholson, and Dan Brayack who contributed dozens of photographs from their spectacular collections. We are also grateful for the generous photographic contributions of Fredrik Marmsater, Janelle Anderson, Bill Hatcher, Anthony Carco, Lee Hansche, Jason Haas, Keith Ladzinski, Chuck Fryberger, Peter Franzen, Rebecca Caldwell, Jason Hundhausen, Mathew Oscadal, Page Kuepper, John Borland, and Brian Mosbaugh. In addition, we appreciate all those who modeled for photos, especially Tommy Caldwell, Paige Claassen, Janelle Anderson, Kristin Yurdin, Shaun Corpron, BJ Tilden, and Jonathan Siegrist.

This work is the culmination of two climbing careers, built on the support and friendship of countless climbing partners, too numerous to list here. Thank you all for your patience. In addition, we are grateful to our parents, Marshall and Karen Anderson who taught us the value of hard work and perseverance, and instilled in us a zest for competition and adventure that has kept us motivated for all these years. Thanks also to the many friends who influenced our thoughts on training through discussion or example. In particular, this book would not have been written without the inspiration and encouragement of the Mountain Project training forum.

Mike, Lucas, Janelle, and Axel

Mike, Lucas, Janelle, and Axel

Finally, and most importantly, we are extremely thankful for the continued love and support of our families; Janelle, Lucas, Axel, Kate, Logan, and Amelie. We appreciate our childrens’ understanding for the endless sessions glued to the computer. Our wives’ offered invaluable encouragement throughout the project, while acting as impromptu sounding boards for our ideas and frustrations. This support pales in comparison to the years of devotion they’ve shown putting up with our climbing obsessions; the slogs to the crag, missed vacations, and countless hours of belaying, among other sacrifices. They’ve kept us motivated, kept us humble, and kept things in perspective. Remember kids, it doesn’t have to be “fun” to be fun!


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  1. Hey Mark, can you tell me where you got the slopers next to your rock prodigy hangboard? Also, when can I get a rock prodigy hangboard?!!!!!!! -Shaun


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