Free Downloads

The Rock Climber’s Training Manual is now available order yours here!

  • Introduction to the Rock Prodigy Training Program–this 20-slide presentation gives a brief overview of the Rock Prodigy Program:

Introduction to the Rock Prodigy Program PDF

  • Editable Training Calenders for Microsoft Excel — use this to plan and record your training activities:



2016 Training Calendar


Blank 2014 Training Calendar

  • Editable Rock Prodigy Training Center grip identification chart for Microsoft Powerpoint:

RPTC Hold Identification Charts

RPTC Grip Identification Chart

  • Forge Grip Identification Chart (click for full size version):

Forge Grip Identification Chart

  • Example hangboard log (actual data from Mark’s 2008 Fall Strength Phase):

2008 c Fall HB


If you have any questions or comments on Free Downloads, please share them on the RCTM Forum.  We will try to respond as soon as possible.

9 thoughts on “Free Downloads

  1. He guys,

    Can you send me an picture or pdf of the cover of your book for a review in the magazine of the Royal Dutch Mountaineering Club NKBV?

    (It’s a possitive review, your reviewer got a 4th place at the Dutch national championship out of the blue after following the program)


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  3. Hello,
    Can we hope for a 2016 calendar free download?

    Also, Are you planning to provide us with a nice “the forge” hold identification chart?

    Thank you


  4. Mark,
    Had some great gains just dabbling with your Prodigy hangboard this year. Looking forward to creating a structure schedule for next year and getting even stronger. May I request a 2017 Calendar when you have the time?
    Kind Regards,


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