Mike Anderson

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IMG_6599I live in the United States with my wife Janelle and boys Lucas (10) and Axel (6). I’ve been a dedicated climber since the early 1990’s. I acquired my first hangboard in 1997 as an occasional 5.11 redpointer and immediately began researching and experimenting with training. From these humble beginnings I’ve progressed steadily to 5.14 redpoints and 5.13 onsights. I am a strong proponent of expanding the horizons of free climbing, especially on long multi-pitch routes. Some of my First Free Ascents include Touchstone Wall (5.13, IV), Space Shot (5.13 IV) and Thunderbird Wall (5.13 VI) in Zion, UT, and Arcturus (5.13, VI) on Yosemite’s Half Dome. Since expanding my family and moving east for school and work, I haven’t had many opportunities for long trad climbing, so I’ve shifted my focus to sport climbing and bouldering. My favorite crags are Smith Rock, Zion, the Red River Gorge, and Lander, Wyoming (it’s hard to choose though).

Reuniting with my family after an all-expenses paid vacation to Afghanistan.

Reuniting with my family after an all-expenses paid vacation to Afghanistan.

While climbing is a big part of my life, it’s not the only part, and I believe firmly in the principle of “all things in moderation”. Professionally, I’m an Aeronautical Engineer, and my work has included developing robotic systems. I’m an officer in the US Air Force, a challenging career which requires patience at times, but has allowed me a decent amount of freedom to live my life on my terms, and has forced me to experience things I wouldn’t ordinarily “volunteer” for. In addition to climbing, I love photography (especially wildlife & landscape), mountain biking, skiing, hiking and running. I love football; my favorite teams are the Chicago Bears (I don’t know why either), Air Force, Utah, Oregon and Oregon State, and any teams playing the SEC or the Green Bay Packers. I like Bruce Springsteen, Eminem and Waylon Jennings. My favorite color is blue.

I love Mexican food.

…and brownies.


8 thoughts on “Mike Anderson

  1. Wow! First off, thank you so much for serving our country!!! And secondly, thank you for demonstrating that real people, with real responsibilities, can progress to the elite levels of this amazing sport/activity/lifestyle.


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  5. Dear Mike,
    I just got a copy of your book while in Albuquerque, NM (for my last duty as an AF Officer). Super stoked to dig into it! Super inspired by your ability to work as a military officer, climb at such a high level, and co-author such a technically dense book covering a topic outside of your primary area of expertise as an aero engineer. Can’t wait to dig in! As a 5.10 climber, I’ve wanted to break through to a higher levels for some time, but haven’t had the direction necessary to do so up to this point. Hopefully this book with provide the tools for the task!


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