Thank You!

Rocky explains the true meaning of Thanksgiving to Adrian.

Rocky explains to Adrian the true meaning of Thanksgiving: TRAINING!

Adrian: “…but tomorrow is Thanksgiving!”

Rocky: “To you it is; to me it’s just Thursday.”

Just like Rocky, years ago I decided that more than anything, Thanksgiving is a day off work! It’s a chance to go outside and do something awesome. So in that spirit, I’ll be off mountain biking in Moab tomorrow (with maybe a little climbing)…I’m super psyched!!!

Nevertheless, as I’ve gotten wiser and more mature, I have come to recognize the value of family and relationships, so if you’re a youngster headed out on the road tomorrow; take 10 minutes and call home to say hi to Mom and Dad. They will be stoked! 🙂

We’re not total Thanksgiving Grinches…we celebrated on Saturday to clear space for our road trip.

Mike and Janelle at Thanksgiving on Saturday.

Mike and Janelle at Thanksgiving on Saturday.

We used Alton Brown's brine recipe -- it was delish!

We used Alton Brown’s brine recipe — it was delish!

Mark and Kate at our Thanksgiving celebration.

Mark and Kate at our Thanksgiving celebration.

The kiddos.

The kiddos.

All of us here at Rock Prodigy Training have a lot to be thankful for this year. We published a book! Holy cow, it’s hard to believe, even now.

Thank you Jason Haas and Ben Schneider at Fixed Pin Publishing for making our dream of publishing a book a reality! It has been awesome working with you guys!

Thanks Adam “Bob” Sanders and everyone else at Trango and Tenaya for supporting us! It’s awesome to have such strong and psyched collaborators!

Thanks to our families; Kate, Logan, Amelie, Janelle, Lucas and Axel for understanding and tollerating our obsessions, and thanks for helping us stuff envelopes.

Finally, a sincere thank you to all of our customers, readers, contributors, friends and belayers. We are genuinely touched by how enthusiastically you, the members of the climbing community, have embraced our book and us. Thanks you for supporting us, thanks for ordering the book and giving us your feedback.

When we started this project, the goal wasn’t to get rich (set high but achievable goals; remember?), it was to leave our mark in the world of climbing training, and to help our fellow psyched climbers. Based on feedback we’ve received so far, it seems like we are accomplishing that, so thank you for validating our years of work on this! We are as psyched as ever to climb, train, and advance the science of climbing training, and we hope you’ll join is in 2015!

– The Andersons


One thought on “Thank You!

  1. I started climbing 2 years ago, and as most climbers, not following a concrete plan, just trying to follow some advices from better climbers and trying to find a good way to improve. I´m still in chapter 3 of the book but everything starts making sense now. I am understanding why I was doing bad even when training, why I was doing ok even in periods of not training so much, why I was improving in some periods… and why I was reaching a plateau.
    So thanks to you guys for writing the book and sharing your knowledge with the community. Great job!


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