Video: Mike on Mission Impossible

Last week I announced my send of Mission Impossible in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado.

My long-time friend, and super-guy, Chris Alstrin came out to shoot a video on the route, which is linked below for your viewing pleasure. Chris and I first crossed paths in the late nineties in the local Colorado Springs climbing gym, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. Several years ago, we collaborated on a couple full-length climbing films:

  • Higher Ground, which featured me and Rob Pizem making the first free ascent of the Thunderbird Wall (5.13-) in Zion National Park (Here’s an article I wrote about it for the American Alpine Journal in 2007).
  • And, The Continuum Project, which features me an Rob making the first ascent of Shake That Bear (5.12+), also in Zion.
  • You can check out trailers of both films at this links above.

    Chris is one of the hardest working filmakers around. He doesn’t go for easy shoots of low-lying boulder problems…boulder problems are nice, and great to see, but they are easy to film. No, Chris loves the big and the alpine, and he doesn’t worry about how difficult it is to get. He’s out there shooting 10-pitch ice climbs in Canada in sub-zero weather, or baking in the desert on sandy, loose big walls. The result is one-of-a-kind footage of unique and inspiring climbs. So thanks Chris (and my partner Eric Jesse) for coming out on a cold, soggy day to make this video. I can’t wait to work with you on the next project….

    Here’s a link to Climbing Magazine’s site if the video above isn’t working for you.


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