Rock Prodigy Training Center First Production Run

First production units fresh out of the mold.

First production units fresh out of the mold.

The initial production run of the Rock Pordigy Training Center was completed last week!  Here’s a picture courtesy of my friends at Trango.  At this point the actual product is ready for sale, but we’re still finalizing the packaging.  We’ve written instructions for installation and put together instructions for an intermediate workout that will be included with the RPTC.  Next week we’ll be shooting some photos for to go along with the written instructions and shooting a video that will describe the new features of the RPTC, how to install it, and how to perform a proper hangboard workout. 

Once that is finished, the printed instructions can go to the printers and the RPTC should be available for sale shortly after that. We’re shooting for October 1st, but it depends on quite a few moving parts so we may not make it that quickly.

In related news, my book, The Rock Climber’s Training Manual, is now completely laid out.  At this point Fixed Pin is finalizing the cover graphics and text, and waiting for companies to provide ads, then the book will be ready to go to the printers.  I’ll let everyone know when that happens, as I will be very happy and relieved 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rock Prodigy Training Center First Production Run

  1. Looks sweet. I literally just received my Beastmaker 2000 before I saw your original post, would’ve rather waited for this instead! How deep is that thin looking single edge?


    • Thanks Joel! The thin edge is 5/16″ deep, with a 1/8″ radius on the lip (so the flat dimension is 0.1875″, or 3/16″). Its pretty thin, but FWIW, Paige Claasen dead-hanged it with no warmup during a photoshoot for the Rock Climber’s Training Manual (and that was before there was texture on the board!). Definitely an advanced grip, but one of my goals when designing the board was to provide a single canvas for continuous improvement. There are grips that are perfect for complete beginners, grips that will challenge elite climbers, and everything in between. I’ve had to constantly “down-size” to different boards as I’ve improved over the years, which is a tedious and expensive process. Hopefully climbers can be challenged by this board for their entire careers.


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